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2011 Annual Meeting of cutting-edge group of companies come to an end
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     Rabbit the old year, dragons Spring, the great development of the times, cutting-edge stride line. In this New Year occasion, the "new in and change in the temper sharp" cutting-edge group company year-end wrap-cum-recognition awards will welcome the Spring Festival on January 6, January 14th, respectively, in Suzhou, Qianjiang two places was held. Company leaders, gathered in a molecule employees participated in the annual meeting.  
      The two annual meeting, employees watched the 2011 Company of the Year Summary documentary "innovation and change tempering the Endeavour create the future," the company chairman, president and Mr. Wu Hehong ebullient New Year message. Wu, chairman briefly recalled the 2011's several major work, fully affirmed the work performance in 2011, while calling all the cutting-edge and motivate people in 2012 remained steadfast execution group "212" strategic approach, increase the "marketing innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, "with the cutting-edge carbide drilling tools gradually become a leader. All employees of the Wu, chairman of the speech with enthusiastic applause. 
     Annual meeting, everyone into the portrait, solemn and grand ceremony, the staff were wonderful and exciting lucky draw program interspersed, showing a grand cultural feast. Annual award winners and representatives holding honorary trophy awards, we accept the most sincere congratulations and warmest applause; choreographed shows, high-spirited actor led spot fiery atmosphere, beautiful and soulful singing songs, magic shows also really are magic, clever and enthusiastic dance programs, comedy programs tastes, sitcom show life, especially the finale of "Lion Dance Chinese New Year," the wonderful performances, cutting-edge people demonstrated indomitable spirit and vigorous progressive forces across difficult and smiling , calendar and dangers while proudly; one, second and third years of the lucky draw will be constantly climax. Strong corporate culture, a festive atmosphere, vividly demonstrating cutting-edge style and charm people, and fully reflects the company's employees youth passionate, enterprising spirit. 
    The annual meeting, the company also invited representatives of the families to the excellent staff and as far away as the United States continues fighting ITC sales staff representatives of the families, it is precisely because of their understanding, support and selfless dedication to cutting-edge staff threw himself into work, cutting-edge to sustainable development. Hostesses presented flowers to the families of the deputies, Wu, chairman of the company on behalf of the Group expressed to them my sincere respect and gratitude and sympathy extended holiday.  
    Red Rabbit Herd, 2011 descended far, took yesterday's glory and achievement; dragon arch, 2012 sections come with the hope of tomorrow and dawn. Cutting-edge group two years in a harmonious and warm atmosphere to a successful conclusion, the coming days, cutting-edge people will firm belief Qianxiu strength, temper sophisticated, cutting-edge and write a more brilliant chapter!


Wu, chairman of Lunar New Year message

The song "Happy Chinese New Year"
Star Award winner posed for pictures with company executives


Third prize award on behalf of a group photo taken with company executives
Innovation Award winner posed for pictures with the company's leadership
Song "People look for you."
Wu, chairman of People Award winner posed for pictures

Employee representatives of the families


Dance "Red Lantern"


Song of the dancers "no sleep tonight."


"Lion Dance Chinese New Year"


Year Festival and crew posed for pictures with the company's leadership

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