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Shareate won the community sports games

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-13      Origin: Site

Last Friday, the district where Shareate is located held the first Fun Sports Games of Enterprises, which attracted 400 employees from 20 companies to participate in. Shareate successfully won the first prize in the competition. 


The games were divided into five activities and took the point system to decide the place. The company with the most points after five rounds of competitions could win the championship, which means we should strive for a good place in every activity. 


Shareate won the first activity, laying a solid foundation for the final victory, and then in another activity, we also won the second place, which increased the guarantee for our victory. The last sports event, tug of war, is our specialty, and we got the first place with a good streak of 3 wins. Finally, we won the championship with more than 10 points higher than the second place. 


Shareate not only pays attention to the hard power such as training the staff's professional skills, but also the soft power such as strengthening their teamwork ability. In the Fun Sports Meeting, our employees showed these abilities and their strong physical quality with the first ranking. Whether in the work or participating in activities, we will always try our best!


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