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Shareate distributed moon cakes to send the Mid Autumn Festival blessing

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-29      Origin: Site

With the annual national day coming, Shareate is about to have an eight-day holiday, and this year's holiday has been extended by one day because of the coincidence with the Mid Autumn Festival. Many employees have bought tickets to go home and wait to be reunited with their families. Before the holiday, Shareate prepared moon cakes as a traditional gift of Mid Autumn Festival for them.


Before the staff came to collect them, the gift boxes had been arranged outside in order. The company visited the factory of this moon cake manufacturer and invited employees to pre-taste so that the most popular flavour can be selected.


Moon cakes are usually shared with family members during the Mid Autumn Festival. President Wu distributed the gift boxes to the workshop workers, and at the same time sent them and their families a blessing for the Festival. On the other hand, we also shared moon cakes with employees who did not intend to go home this time, hoping that they could also feel the atmosphere between their families in the company.


The long holiday is coming, we hope everyone can get together with their families and share moon cakes. Those who can’t go home can also feel warm in the big family of Shareate.

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