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Shareate distributed consolation gifts to prevent heatstroke

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-08-17      Origin: Site

Since the beginning of summer, high temperature days are frequent. To ensure the delivery time of orders, the factory staff of SHAREATE still stick to their posts in the heat. Considering the health of the employees, in order to prevent heatstroke, on the afternoon of August 7th, President Wu, Vice President Zhou, President of the labor union, Mr. Xue, and other leaders personally came to the factory, and used trolley to send solace gifts to the workers who were still fighting in the heat.


While handing out consolation items, the leaders asked employees about their work and physical condition in hot weather. At the same time, they advised the workers to pay attention to safety when working in summer, to have a proper rest and not to work with fatigue. In addition, they can cool down in time through the various anti-sunstroke drinks provided by the company, so as to complete the production tasks with the highest efficiency. 


Meanwhile, the office staff also received the gifts immediately. This anti-heatstroke drink won the love of young people, so they took pictures and uploaded them to social media as soon as they got the drink!


Summer days are very hot. While you are working hard, you should also pay attention to your health. Don’t forget to use the heat-relieving drink to help you get back to work in time!

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