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Shareate Mining tricone bit trouble shooting in Bulgaria market

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-04      Origin: Site

Shareate are just not only reaching the customers requirements, we are exceeding the expectation.

This is a open pit copper mine in Bulgaria which contains containing quartz, with rock compressive strength of 80 ~ 170MPa (among which the hardest is 220 MPa) and strong ground abrasiveness. The bit size is 9 7/8 inch, and the mine requires the average meter drilled to be 1450 meters, and the ROP should not be less than 25 ~ 30m/h.

Shareate bits has been tested twice in 2019 and 2020, the dull bits has been processed when our engineer went to the mine, while the customer provided the running data and some pictures. 

In 2019, four bits of 9 7/8 (with 19mm nozzle) were used, with an average meter of 1,381m. According to the feedback from mine site, the failure form is mainly bearing, and there are insert broken and insert missing. The following pictures show the condition of one bit during the drilling, the four pictures are 270m, 660m, 1060m and 1864m respectively.


Based on running feedback of previous bit model, the improved bit adopting SGV bearing with SA725cutting structure, increasing the nozzle size to 20mm. After the second testing, the average meter of 9 7/8 SGV725 reached 1950m with ROP 30m/h, which higher than our customer expectations by 34%. 



We have optimally designed bearing structures and carbide inserts to withstand extreme challenge of today’s mining applications. Always be ready for improvement on products and providing high performance/cost products. Choosing the right designs with the balance between high ROP (Rate of Penetration) and good drilling service life which ensure the good TDC(Total Drilling Cost) for the customers.

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